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01 Apr

Feels Good, Makes Sense

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Find­ing the sweet spot between the two could be our ticket to bliss

Remem­ber that beer com­mer­cial – tastes great, less fill­ing. Well, that’s the inspi­ra­tion for today’s blog … sort of.

One of the real­i­ties of being human is that, gen­er­ally speak­ing, the older we get, the more our deci­sions become head-​based rather than heart-​based.

The func­tion­ing of our soci­ety actu­ally depends upon it. Hav­ing rules that the major­ity agrees to abide by gives us a sense of cer­tainty and con­trol over the world around us. We depend upon our fel­low dri­vers to stop at red lights, shop­pers to wait their turn in line, and peo­ple to cover their mouths and noses when sneez­ing. Vio­la­tions of the estab­lished “rules” often yield con­se­quences … not the least of which are sneers and jeers from fel­low citizens.

As babies, we’re all about what feels good. We scream out when some­thing doesn’t feel good to alter our care­givers that a rem­edy is in order … and, the sooner the bet­ter. It is often in response to these early cries for a rem­edy that we learn our ear­li­est lessons about what is accept­able and right … at least in the eyes of our pri­mary care­givers. These lessons con­tinue as our care­givers pre­pare us to be a mem­ber of the larger society.

As we begin hav­ing our own expe­ri­ences and notic­ing how well pre­pared we feel, we start mak­ing adjust­ments to what we believe to be nec­es­sary for our sur­vival. If we get teased about wear­ing some­thing, we stop wear­ing it. If we get teased about being too smart, we may begin hid­ing our intel­li­gence. If we get teased about being a lousy ath­lete, we may avoid any­thing that seems remotely ath­letic. We begin to dis­like things that made us feel good until some­one pointed out our error in feel­ing good about it in the first place.

Each of us has an inner know­ing, an intu­ition, about the things that will bring more joy into our lives. The chal­lenge for many of us is con­nect­ing to this inner know­ing, learn­ing to trust it, and allow­ing it to have more influ­ence in our decision-​making.

There are times when it is essen­tial to con­sider what makes sense. But, the heart – our inner know­ing – holds the key to open­ing the door to more joy­ful living.

Find­ing that sweet spot between “makes sense” and “feels good” could very well be our ticket to per­pet­ual bliss.

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