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26 May

Rid­ing the Life Rollercoaster

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The Life Rollercoaster The Life Roller­coaster

I see myself play­ing three dis­tinct roles in my life: pas­sive (pow­er­less) observer, con­scious observer, and pow­er­ful cre­ator. This morn­ing in an exchange with a very dear friend, I used a roller­coaster ride to describe the three roles.

As the pow­er­ful cre­ator, I decide that I am indeed going to ride the roller coaster. I excit­edly rush to get in line, exclaim­ing how excit­ing and fun the ride is going to be. I can actu­ally feel the adren­a­line in my body, caus­ing my heart to beat faster. I get into the car, strap­ping myself in, almost squeal­ing with antic­i­pa­tory delight. The oper­a­tor gives the all clear, and the car jerks forward.

I imme­di­ately shift to pas­sive observer. I hold onto the safety bar for dear life, squeeze my eyes tightly shut, and start scream­ing bloody mur­der before much of any­thing has really hap­pened. I am antic­i­pat­ing the ter­ror to come. And, then, mid­way up the first incline, I real­ize that I am in jeop­ardy of miss­ing out on the entire expe­ri­ence … an expe­ri­ence that I not so long ago declared would be one of the most awe­some expe­ri­ences of the day.

In that moment, I shift to con­scious observer. I relax my grip on the bar and the ten­sion in my body and open my eyes. I notice how beau­ti­ful it is from my van­tage in the sky — tak­ing in all of the things that I could never see from the ground. I breathe in the air and feel the warm sun on my skin. I look around at my fel­low rid­ers and smile as I allow myself to feel and enjoy the thrills of the ride. Up and down and round and round we go.

And, when the ride comes to its thrilling con­clu­sion, I decide I do, in fact, want to ride again … and, again and again. For, life it to be lived, each moment to be cher­ished — the highs and the lows, the straight­aways and the bends.

Throw your hands up … and enjoy the thrill of it!

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