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19 Sep

Goal Set­ting: Growth for the Soul

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Feel­ing stag­nant? Unful­filled? Ask your­self this ques­tion, “When was the last time I met a per­sonal goal?” Goal set­ting isn’t just good for busi­ness, it’s good for your soul. When you set the mark and reach it, the action res­onates deeply in your inner man. From one suc­cess, you go to another, until you are star­ing a long term goal in the face — and you are wear­ing a sat­is­fy­ing smile! So how do we get to that place? Let’s take this step by step.

Set the Target

If you’re new to goal set­ting or feel a bit rusty, you should start with a small, per­sonal goal like per­form­ing a good habit for 21 days. Once you’ve nailed down your goal it’s time to make a list.

Make the List

Ask any­one in the goal-​reaching, high per­for­mance per­centile and they’ll tell you, “If you want to reach a goal, work towards it every­day!” Here’s where mak­ing a list comes in handy. Before set­tling into bed for the evening, have a plan. Make a list of activ­i­ties that you need to per­form to reach that goal. This plan of attack was best expressed by the late Mary Kay Ash, “You eat an ele­phant one bite at a time.”

Stick to the List

Sure, life will hap­pen. Bad habits will try to re-​emerge (hello, pro­cras­ti­na­tion!) so you must rely on the list. Fol­low­ing your own pro­gram will take you to the place you want to be — on the mountaintop!

Make Your­self Accountable

Some­times we don’t share our goals and dreams with oth­ers because we fear embar­rass­ment or con­dem­na­tion if we don’t meet our per­sonal stan­dard. Mak­ing your­self account­able to some­one is a key to reach­ing the desired goal. That’s us! Con­tact us and we’ll help you fine tune those goals, cre­ate a plan and cheer you on towards the fin­ish line.

You can do this!

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