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24 Oct

Three Tips for Get­ting Your Groove Back

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Life passes in stages. Our child­hoods are often a care­free time where we are open to and eagerly explor­ing the world around us.

As we get older, many of us develop a sense of invin­ci­bil­ity – the know-​it-​all teenage years – where we believe we know all there is to know about life and what it will take to make us happy.

As we tran­si­tion into adult­hood and begin to have very grown up expe­ri­ences (home pur­chas­ing, mar­riage, get­ting a job), we often­times become more and more com­pla­cent. We set­tle into our rou­tines and rarely ask our­selves the ques­tions “Who am I?” and “What makes my spirit soar?”

It’s not that our lives our “bad” … we can some­times be left won­der­ing whether there isn’t more to life than the into which we’ve set­tled or long­ing for days gone by when we felt truly alive.

The three ideas (as well as some tips I shared in an ear­lier blog) that fol­low can help in the quest to redis­cover and be our authen­tic selves. These tips can help reignite our pas­sion for life and get us actively engaged in liv­ing our lives to the fullest.

Redis­cover You

You’re dif­fer­ent now. In this new chap­ter of life, the things that you might have enjoyed when you were a young adult leav­ing your par­ents’ home and enter­ing the world unen­cum­bered are, more than likely, no longer excit­ing you. Take time to get aquainted with the per­son you are now — includ­ing your likes and dis­likes. Tak­ing time to redis­cover the per­son you have evolved to will sup­port your mking bet­ter deci­sions about the kinds of things that will bring the great­est joy to you.

Be You

Now that you have become bet­ter acquainted with your­self, let your style reflect it. Cut your hair, make some wardrobe adjust­ments, try a new cui­sine, take up a new hobby. If your inner self is telling you it’s time to make some dietary changes or increase your level of phys­i­cal activ­ity, by all means get that body eat­ing and act­ing bet­ter. If your spirit is yearn­ing for a new or enhanced spir­i­tual prac­tice, find a way to honor that. The soul (and heart) knows — so listen.

Evolve You

You are per­fect exactly the way you are for where you are in your life right now. Honor, love, and cher­ish that. It is in this hon­or­ing and cher­ish­ing that we lay the foun­da­tion for evolv­ing into more per­fect ver­sions of our already per­fect selves. And, if we stay con­nected to and oper­ate from our hearts, we greater enhance our evolv­ing into more per­fect ver­sions of our already per­fect selves. Be gen­tle with your­self — and, above all, have fun!! Our default set­ting is thriv­ing — not just sur­viv­ing. And, when we flow in our nat­ural, authen­tic way, we improve our own lives, the lives of those around us … in fact, the lives of a glob­ally con­nected com­mu­nity desirous of more pos­i­tive energy and good vibrations.

You are the archi­tect of your left — cre­at­ing a life expe­ri­ence sup­ported by your beliefs, thoughts, and emo­tions. Be boldly you and cre­ate an entirely new and dif­fer­ent life expe­ri­ence … an expe­ri­ence that is rem­i­nis­cent of the child-​like won­der, pas­sion, and open­ness of your youth.

If you’d like an account­abil­ity part­ner to sup­port your self-​awareness/​self dis­cov­ery jour­ney, con­tact us today.

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