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  • Pat­rina M. Clark, SPHR, HCS, RACC
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11 Feb

Ask­ing for What We Want

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Expect­ing to be told no can become a self-​fulfilling prophecy … as is true with any expec­ta­tion. In the case of expec­ta­tions, it is true because it usu­ally stops us from sim­ply mak­ing our requesrs known. This is gen­er­ally a learned behav­ior that, for many, is learned early in child­hood where we’re admon­ished to “stop ask­ing for so much” and “just be happy with what you have.”

Appre­ca­tion for what we have and want­ing more are not mutu­ally exclu­sive. Your desire is evi­dence of your abil­ity to attain. And, ask­ing expo­nen­tially increases the like­li­hood of receiv­ing … or, more com­monly stated “Ask and ye shall receive.”

I often share one of my mother’s sage bits of coun­sel with my friends (and myself) who are hes­i­tant about ask­ing for some­thing that they really want, “Noth­ing beats a fail­ure but a try.”

So, get clear about what you want and then ask for it with the expec­ta­tion of get­ting it (empha­sis on expectation)!

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