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  • Pat­rina M. Clark, SPHR, HCS, RACC
    Speaker | Trainer | Con­sul­tant | Coach

Being pre­dictable is a part of being human. Our brains are actu­ally wired to embed habits, increas­ing the num­ber of things we can do on autopi­lot. As essen­tial as autopi­lot is to our sur­vival, it’s impor­tant to our hap­pi­ness — to our mov­ing beyond sur­viv­ing to thriv­ing — to ocas­sion­ally take our­selves off of autopi­lot and assess what’s really going on.

“Change in all things is sweet.” – Aris­to­tle

An unde­ni­able truth about the phys­i­cal uni­verse is that change is con­stant. From the tini­est known par­ti­cles on Earth to an esti­mated 500 bil­lion galax­ies in our uni­verse, every­thing is in motion. All that is will change, momentarily.

The same prin­ci­ple does not auto­mat­i­cally apply when it comes to the way we do things in life and how we feel. You can resist chang­ing your ways quite suc­cess­fully – even at the risk of your own hap­pi­ness and health – or you can change. It’s your choice.

Feel­ing stag­nant? Unful­filled? Ask your­self this ques­tion, “When was the last time I met a per­sonal goal?” Goal set­ting isn’t just good for busi­ness, it’s good for your soul. When you set the mark and reach it, the action res­onates deeply in your inner man. From one suc­cess, you go to another, until you are star­ing a long term goal in the face — and you are wear­ing a sat­is­fy­ing smile! So how do we get to that place? Let’s take this step by step.